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The Travelling Gavel Rules.


The intention of the Travelling Gavel is to encourage visits between Lodges in the Province of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings.
The Travelling Gavel will be presented, upon demand, provided attendance of the visiting Lodge is of four or more in number. For the avoidance of doubt, attendance refers to the Business meeting of a Regular or Installation meeting, not the Festive Board.
If two or more sister Lodges visit with the intention of rescuing the Travelling Gavel, and demand its surrender, the Master must comply but will surrender it to the visiting Lodge at his discretion.
Notwithstanding the above, visiting Lodges who are eligible through numbers to rescue the Gavel, but have rescued the Gavel in the previous 12 rolling months from the same Lodge, will forfeit that right of rescue for that visit, providing another Lodge or Lodges are in attendance and in sufficient numbers, and demand its surrender. If two or more eligible Lodges (i.e. they have sufficient numbers and have not previously rescued the Gavel from the same Lodge in the previous 12 months) and demand its surrender, Rule 3 shall apply.
Rescuing Lodges must inform the Secretary of the Humber Lodge No 57 as soon as possible so that the Travelling Gavels whereabouts can be published on the Lodge website. Contact details can be found on the Lodge website at The rescuing Lodge must also enter their Lodge Number, date and location from where the Travelling Gavel was rescued in the Travelling Gavel Passport so that a permanent record is maintained.
Potential rescuing Lodges may visit the website to discover the present location of the Travelling Gavel.
The Travelling Gavel is intended for circulation throughout the Province of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings and cannot be rescued by any Lodge from other Masonic Provinces nor must it be surrendered to a Lodge from other than the Province of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings.
The Travelling Gavel remains the property of the Humber Lodge of Freemasons, No 57 and maybe recalled at any time. This recall will not be done unreasonably, but if recalled, the current holders must ensure its safe return.
Intending rescuing Lodges must agree to the Rules applicable to the Travelling Gavel and it is assumed that those Lodges rescuing the Travelling Gavel have undertaken to comply with the Rules in full.