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W Bro Mike Phillips who passed to the Grand Lodge Above on Wednesday January 15th.

He lived respected and died regretted.


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[Humber Brethren are encouraged to submit Masonic nuggets of up to 100 words]

Prudence, Temperance,

Fortitude & Justice

[submitted by David Terry January 2020]

 The four virtues

The above are the four Cardinal Virtues we hear of in the 1st Degree Charge and are represented by the four tassels at each corner of our Lodge carpet.


is the ability to discern the appropriate course of action to be taken in a given situation at a given time.

It also means “discreet and worldly wise”.


– Courage, Strength and Endurance.


– Self control Discretion and Moderation.


- Sense of Fairness

Coupled with Benevolence and Charity, the above virtues are the essential signposts to a happy, meaningful and balanced life.



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Table nuggets

Humber Candelabra

The word candelabra was first seen in print in 1805, but candle holders of various kinds date back to 400BC. The candelabra and the two candelabrums gracing the Humber Lodge Festive Board tables are executed in the English Georgianase style, each standing on an oval, barge shaped foot, with detachable bobèches (the collars on the sockets to catch melted wax.) They have been lovingly polished by Worshipful Masters since they were presented to the Humber Lodge in 1965 by W Bro Benjamin E Thompson, WM; Bro Frederick Weeks, SW; and W Bro C R G Simmons, PGStwd, JW: the names may be seen on the bases.

They have suffered over the years; one bobèche has disappeared and an enterprising Brother has carefully made a replacement: the copper pipe he used as the candle holder is evident, but correct, for the originals are mere plate over copper bases. Indeed, constant polishing has worn away the plate in places and the copper shows through. The candelabra has been twisted out of true on some occasion, so that the arms are no longer symmetrically poised above the base, and it is likely any attempt to repair this would further damage the main stem-piece.

But, like many of the Brethren where age has made its mark, the candlesticks continue to function, illuminating the Festive Board whilst figuratively lighting the way from the past into the future. In material terms they are not valuable – they wouldn’t fetch much on eBay. As part of our history, they are much appreciated.

ERW January 2020