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Nugget Cache


Past Master's Jewel

[submitted by Eddie Wildman December 2019]

The Past Master's Jewel  indicates that the recepient has not only served the Lodge for a year but is now figuratively able to build complex constructions using the 47th proposition of Euclid.


(This is the Pythagorean theorum that in a right-angled triangle, the square of the hypotenuese is equal to the sum of the square of the other two sides.)


Prudence, Temperance, Fortitude & Justice

[submitted by David Terry January 2020]

 The four virtues

The above are the four Cardinal Virtues we hear of in the 1st Degree Charge and are represented by the four tassels at each corner of our Lodge carpet.


is the ability to discern the appropriate course of action to be taken in a given situation at a given time.

It also means “discreet and worldly wise”.


– Courage, Strength and Endurance.


– Self control Discretion and Moderation.


- Sense of Fairness

Coupled with Benevolence and Charity, the above virtues are the essential signposts to a happy, meaningful and balanced life.



Best Wishes

[Submitted by Eddie Wildman March 2020]


Children like to tell who's best at things: the fastest runner, the chess wizard, the academic genius; teenagers often impress by knowing who's top in the charts, or who has the most Facebook hits; even as adults we observe who's wealthiest, oldest, fittest or luckiest.

In the Lodge however, under the All-Seeing -Eye of The Great Architect of the Universe, we know that whatever the colour of the aprons we wear, we are all Brethren together, and as such, all equal.




Knock, knock - who's there?

[Submitted by Phil Watts March 2020]

What is the difference between an “Alarm" and a "Report"? A report is a correct knock in the appropriate circumstances and an alarm is an incorrect knock, serving as some sort of warning. To clarify: A report must match the degree in which the lodge is open. In the case of an initiation the Tyler gives only one knock, and one knock having no Masonic status suggests that he who seeks admission has no Masonic status, indeed he is a Mister entering an open Masonic lodge. When a candidate is to be passed the Tyler gives the “Alarm" or First degree knocks as the candidate is NOT qualified to enter. Likewise when a candidate is to be raised the Tyler gives the “Alarm" of Second degree knocks. It would be well if the Inner Guard was aware of the distinction when reporting to the Junior Warden. He in turn making the announcement to the Master, should use the same term that the Inner Guard uses.




The following "nugget" from W Bro Trevor Whitfield looks at some of the Humber traditions. Trevor is one of our senior members; he joined the Lodge in 1985.

Traditions and Changing Times

[submitted by Trevor Whitfield March 2020]

Some members often refer to the 'traditions' of the Lodge which according to many should be upheld and maintained.

Chambers Concise Dictionary defines 'tradition' as "an oral transmission from generation to generation  of . . . doctrines and customs handed down. A long established belief or custom."

Occasionally over the passage of time some traditions in the Lodge have changed somewhat or become diluted. I think that this is either due to ignorance or a lack of understanding oir awareness. I recognise that traditions are of the utmost importance but in the 'here and now' it is my opinion they can just as easily be referred to as 'custom and practice'.

I think that all members are aware of the laying of the Foundation Stone on Saturday 7 May 1827 (if not, they should be.) I have a copy of the Commemorative Programme celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the laying of this stone. It starts with a the Proud and Fraternal Remembrance of the Brethren of the Humber Lodge who have joined the Grand Lodge Above. Page two shows a photograph of Bro Thomas Feetam who was WM in 1827. The next page is a photograph of Bro Stanley Twidle who was WM in 1927. Pages four and five contain details of the Officers and makes reference to the Opening, Closing and Dedication of the Humber Lodge on October 3rd a hundred years previously. The final page is a toast list, which includes a toast to the 'Trustees, Treasurers and Past Masters.' Considering the toasts we now give, this is a simple example of how 'traditions' have changed since then.

I also have a copy of a similar document referring to our Bicentenary in 2009 which lists all the Humber Past Masters since 1809.

Current Times

Turning to our own working practices, in no particular order, the following changes have occurred:

I think I have prevaricated long enough for now.

[Thanks, Trevor! Not prevarication: some useful observations for us all there! Have any other Brethren any comments or observations to offer?]