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Tuesday 13th Jun 2022

6.30 at Dagger Lane

Second Degree



Lodge of Instruction

See Chas's blog on the LoI page


Ladies Night

details on the Events and Social Functions page


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May 19, 2022, 20:39
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Events & Social Functions 

Ladies Night 2022!

At last we are beginning to organise social events again. While the submenu tabs on this page mention past events, the first main social event of 2022 for Humber Lodge 57 is the Ladies Night, under the Mastership of Worshipful Brother Mike Potts. He has delegated his Senior Warden, Worshipful Brother Richard Smedley to organise this event on Saturday 11th June, and Richard, with typical efficiency has the flyer ready before the end of April.

Details are below, but there will be more information on other pages soon.

Brethren - here's the opportunity to buy your Lady a new frock for the occasion!