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Tuesday 13th September 2022


6.30 at Dagger Lane


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Humber Chapter Blog


The Humber Royal Arch Chapter meets six months of the year

on the first Thursday of January, April, June, September & November


To join a Chapter, Brethren must wait at least one month after completing their third degree in the Craft.

Meetings commence at 6.30pm, except our installation evening in the April when the start time is 4.30pm. We meet at The Masonic Hall, Prince Street, Dagger Lane, Kingston Upon Hull.

Fees for joining are considerably less than those required by the Craft, currently £48.00.

This page is for reports on Chapter Visits, our own Chapter meetings, and for nuggets from the

Humber Lodge Royal Arch Representative.


The Royal Arch Representative for 2022 in Humber Craft is E. Comp Ian Syddall


Excellent Companion Ian Syddall keeps the Craft members up to date with Chapter proceedings, and delivers valuable nuggets to inform Craft members who have not yet completed their Masonic Square by joining the Supreme Degree, and, indeed, to enlighten Chapter members. Articles by other Companions may appear on this page from time to time, and nuggets (some larger than others) can be found on the Chapter Nuggets Page.





Saturday 30th July 2022:

A special convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Yorkshire North and East Ridings saw the afternoon installation of E Comp Dr David Chambers PGStB as Grand Superintendent in and over the Province by the Pro Grand Principal, Most Excellent Companion Peter Geoffrey Lowndes at the Central Hall, University of York, following the Provincial Grand Lodge Installation in the morning (see this date on the Craft Blog page.)

During lunch, the Provincial Stewards were preparing the hall for the afternoon session, and dealing with various crises - W Bro Gordon Setterfirld took a tumble , I understand, and broke his spectacles, but it can't have been too serious as I saw him at lunch tucking into his steak pie with gusto.

The central throne representing the seat of the Royal Solomon now became one of three (the Chapter is under the direction of a triumvirate, for those non-Chapter Masons reading this) and the symbolic flooring, set out with candles (batteries) and the five platonic solids careully placed in the centre of the main floor. Off to one side, the scarlet, blue and crimson robes for the investiture of the Most Excellent Grands were carefully placed on a chair. I hoped that the scarlet robe had been readjusted for Dr Chambers: it had been skilfully tailored with cunning tucks for Jeffrey Gillyon, who is somewhat shorter. I needn't have worried - the Three Principals looked tall and stately when robed, and the scarlet velvet went all the way down to the ground. E Comp Dr David Chambers was installed magnificently and he re-appointed the Second Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Paul Harper. As the Third Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Chris Thomas, was unable to be present, he will be officially invested on a later occasion; E Comp Phil Harrison stood in for him on this occasion. Once again, the organisation of the Grand Officers and Companions under the directorship of E Comp Charles Hopkinson-Woolley, Grand Director of ceremonies, (pictured) was brilliantly managed.

Humber Chapter Companions in the persons of Richard Smedley, Malvin Sharpless, Stephen Hastings, Stanley Smith, Bill Burnett and Ian Syddall were present. Here is Malvin's account, which modestly fails to mention his appointment and investment as Provincial Grand Tyler and Provincial Grand Janitor.

 Chapter Investiture

After an excellent Morning at the Craft Investiture, lunch was taken, and it was a great time to meet old and make new friend, then on to the afternoon’s Investiture.

The opening of the the Chapter by the Grand Companions was an excellent sight to see, especilly by the DC Team who were incredibly impressive.

The actual ceremony of Installation was carried out in a sterling and dignified manner, followed by our Provincial Grand Superintendent appointing and investing his team.

The Grand Superintendent's address was similar to the one given in the morning, stressing togetherness in the Province and requesting Craft Masons to invite non-members of the Chapter to join and complete their Craft Journey; this was well received, but obviously preaching to the converted. He mentioned again the attendance on the day of the support from other Orders at the meeting and hoped that this would continue throughout his leadership term.

It was wonderful to be present at both ceremonies, but slightly disappointing that more members of the orders were not present to witness the events, especially as it was a great chance to see the Grand Team at work without having to travel to London.


 Malvin Sharpless





Monday 18th July 2022:

An email from the Provincial Grand Secretary/Scribe E published today announced that Excellent Companion Malvin Sharpless of the Humber Chapter 57 will be appointed as Provincial Grand Janitor  with effect from the 1st August, and will be invested in September. Congratulations to Malvin, who is taking over the Office, and also that of Provincial Grand Tyler, from E Comp Peter Spencer, who has served for many years in these prestigious posts. This is also an honour for the Humber Chapter, and we wish both Malvin and Peter well.

Malvin Sharpless, PPJGW is the Lecture Master of the Holderness Lodge 3563 and also a member of the Mark Degree and other Orders. He is a keen golfer.

[Photograph lifted from Facebook]



Thursday 9th June 2022:

Circumstances contrived against the regular meeting of the Humber Chapter: some Companios were ill, others on holiday. The traffic was unusually snarled this evening and some were delayed. In Dagger Lane, another Lodge was booked to meet in the usual room, and the Red Room was in a state of chaos, there being at that time a major clearout of furniture and artifacts used by the building. A space was cleared, however, a minimum Chapter set up, and, there being enough Companions present to declare the meeting quorate, the MEZ E Comp. Richard Smedley opened the Chapter in short order, whereupon all necessary business was dealt with, briefly but efficiently, and the Chapter closed with equal celerity. Indeed, it was during the closing that another Companion arrived - for the meeting had begun early and been completed before 6:30; but Malcolm found compensation for his journey by remaining for the Thesaurus Craft meeting - and the Street Party which took the place of the Festive Board - see this date on the Blog page.


Thursday 19th May 2022:


For an account of the meeting of the Chapter of St Michael 7833 on this date please click on the link.



Friday 29th April 2022:

The Ridings Tablers' Chapter of Royal Arch Masonry 9586 moved the April meeting to the fifth Friday of the month; there had been clashes with bank holidays and other orders, and it is possible that the move may become permanent, as the MEZ, E Comp Howard B Newton PGSB intimated in a notice of motion. Excellent Companion John Bridges took the Chair of H, and E Companion Stephen Hastings ProvGSWdB (who is also a member of the Humber Chapter 57) stood in as J. The first meeting after the Installation saw an excellent presentation by E Comp Mark Green PAGDC explaining some of the more obscure aspects of this colourful degree, making them more comprehensible in well-reasoned arguments and with good humour. This he followed with a quiz; this was equally interesting and gave rise to meaningful conversations afterwards. I, for one, realised I had modified my attitude to the Chapter as I had considered its meaning. As Organist, I have been with the 9586 Chapter from its constitution in 2017, and would encourage Brethren who have not yet completed the fourth side of their Masonic Square to consider joining this - or any other Chapter. While some Brethren would excoriate this remark, there is no ob;igation to join the Chapter connected to your Lodge, and widening one's circle of friends has much to recommend it.

Eddie Wildman


Thursday 28th April 2022:

Excellent Companion Richard Smedley, a member of both Humber Craft and Chapter, was awarded honours from the United Grand Lodge/Chapter: see his remarks on the Craft Blog page!


Friday 22nd April 2022:

Malcolm Forbes and Craig Maurier take Chapter Chairs - by E Comp Forbes:


I attended the Wyke Millennium Daylight Chapter 9696 for its Installation meeting which began at 11.00 am at the Masonic Hall, Beverley Road, Hull.

The First Principal, E Comp Andrew Hoggard opened the meeting with E Comp Craig Maurier as Second Principal or Haggai and myself as Third Principal or Joshua.

After the Opening the Provincial Director of Ceremonies, E Comp Paul Cooper, a Companion of Londesborough Chapter 734, introduced E Comp Gavin Collinson, a Companion of Constitutional Chapter 294, as Provincial representative of the Provincial Grand Superintendent. I know Gavin well as in 2019 I visited the USA with him and members of Constitutional Lodge 294 on a tour of Masonic Lodges in Washington and Boston. I subsequently became a member of Constitutional Lodge.

I installed E Comp Steven Ives into the Office of Joshua. Craig Maurier as the newly installed First Principal installed me into the Office of Haggai.

The ritual is Domatic and differs from Humber ritual used for example in Humber Chapter 57. The Installation ritual was also different to my Installation as Haggai in Humber Chapter on 7th April 2022 as it was not necessary to undertake a long ceremony to proclaim me as H in Wyke Millennium Chapter. 

I was grateful to E Comp John Stebbings as Director of Ceremnies for his support in the ceremony.

The Installation of other Chapter Officers took place after the Installation of the three Principals. 

There was a relaxed atmosphere in the meeting. No visitors apart from the representatives from Province attended. 

We sat down to the Festive Board at 12.30 p.m. As the bar was not open dining Steward Louis Morgan used his ingenuity to purchase three bottles of wine. As H I sat between the two Provincial representatives. Conversation with E Comp Paul Cooper turned to our mutual love of cricket and our experiences as umpires in local cricket leagues.

With the dining tables being in the form of a rectangle it was possible to talk easily to other Companions across the table and there was much lighthearted conversation.

E Comp Gavin Collinson in his reply to the Companions provided encouraging words to the Chapter.

Everyone enjoyed the meeting and Festive Board.

E Comp Malcolm Forbes (H)



Thursday 21st April 2022:

A small but select convocation of Excellent Companions and Companions of the Chapter of St Michael 7833 saw the brief but meaningful ceremony of E Comp Peter Henry Barnes PPGReg being installed into the figurative Chair of Zerubabbel, Prince of the People a month later than originally intended, as illness had precluded his attendance the previous month. The Offices of the other two Principals were filled by E Comps John Irving Burton (H) and Stephen Christopher Prior (J) and Peter was ably placed into his seat by the previous incumbent, E Comp Peter Wright PGScN with gentle dignity. There were no visitors on this occasion, and the Festive Board was arranged as a large square which encouraged the fraternal closeness of the Companions present. The Assistant Scribe E, Excellent Companion John Stanley Broughton PPGScN gave a rousing toast to the Three Principals, and the Song to the same was melodically rendered by E Comp Terry James Lynn PPGScN accompanied by Eddie Wildman who is also a member. The meeting finished surprisingly early (this report being complete before 10.00 pm) but in a happy mood.

[Picture of E Comp Peter Barnes by Companion Peter James Stokes, 1stAsstSoj]

Eddie Wildman

Thursday 7th April 2022:

Humber Chapter Installation:

The 6:00 start for the Humber 57 Chapter installation was somewhat delayed as unexpected absences left Offices unfilled. These were kindly occupied by some of the visitors, who outnumbered the Humber Companions: but covid had taken its toll amongst these too - there were several empty places at the festive board afterwards. However, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Excellent Companion Jeffrey Gyllyon demanded admission along with the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith PGSwdB and an impressive team of active officers to witness the installation of E Comp Stanley Smith as Z, E Comp Malcolm Forbes as H and E Comp Richard Smedley as J. The latter is, of course also a member of the team of Active Provincial Officers, as is E Comp Ian Syddall, both who feature elsewhere on this website. E Comp Stanley Smith appointed and invested the Chapter Officers for the ensuing year.

The dearth of meetings during lockdown had obviously impacted on the Chapter's familiarity with the ritual (the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent said that the ceremony left him speechless) but E Comp Smith indicated that he intended to move things forward in the coming year. Indeed, his work both before going into, and on taking the First Principal's Chair was entirely from memory; he was familiar with the ritual and sequence of events, setting a good standard to follow.

The next item was a presentation of a certificate to Excellent Companion James Winston Pannett acknowledging his fifty years' service in the Royal Arch, The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent "interviewed" E Comp Pannett much in the manner of a "This is Your Life" programme, encouraging him to talk about his upbringing in Stockton-on-Tees, his work in the Royal Air Force as a Radar Operator when called up for National Service and his resumption of his retail career, leading up to twenty-nine successful and happy years in Hessle. 

The Festive Board was a fine repast with waitress service. Having played the organ in the Lodge Room upstairs, I now transferred to the downstairs keyboard where the National Anthem was sung. Toasts following the meal were sometimes followed by musical "points". The  The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent spoke of declining numbers in Freemasonry in general and of the Chapter in particular, noting that while the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings was doing better than most, thirty years ago there were double the number of Freemasons. He intimated that as society has changed, our attitudes sometimes need adjustment to accommodate the different demands of young people nowadays if we are to arrest the decline.  Following the toast remembering the Absent Brethren submitted by Scribe E, E Comp Malvin Sharpless, the hymn Melita, written by Hull-born Johann Bacchus Dykes over a hundred and sixty years ago was sung. The Companions were in fine voice.

The highlight for me however was Excellent Companion Philip Daniel's rendition of the Principals Song, in which everybody joined in the chorus. Philip also responded to the toast to the visitors, giving a fascinating insight into the ancient Sanhedrin which figures in the Chapter ritual, and its historical connections evidenced in Jerusalem.

It had been a full evening, and some of the visitors had quite a distance to travel, and the Companions took their leave of each other before 10:30.

 Eddie Wildman, Guest Organist

[Photographs of the Provincial Team with the new Humber Chapter Principals; of (Left to Right) the MEGS with E Comps Forbes, Smith and Smedly; and the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E Comp Jeffrey Gillyon with E Comp Winston Pannett PPGScN by Eddie Wildman.]



Wednesday 23rd March 2022:

Eddie Wildman visits the Chapter of St Andrew 4683:

Despite the late hour of starting (the summons reads 7.00 pm) and the amount of work to be done, the Chapter of St Andrew 4683 performed a swift moving but meaningful ceremony under the watchful eyes of the three Principals, Excellent Companion Michael Graham PGStBtaking the Chair of the Most Excellent Zerubbabel, Excellent Companion Roy Newton that of Haggai and Excellent Companion Daniel Betts (installed that evening) that of Joshua.

After Companion Ian Montgomery set the scene, the two Candidates for Royal Arch Freemasonry, Brothers William Charlton and Robert Thirsk were admitted and answered the necessary questions to show their proficiency in the third degree. Excellent Companion Brian Daragon PPGSwdB conducted them through the ceremony.

I shall not dilate on the details of the beautiful and colourful working, which while removed from that of the Craft is nonetheless a completion of the first three degrees. Their obligations completed, William and Robert retired for preparation while Companion Montgomery explained the disposition of the Sanhedrin; the Candidates returned as Sojourners to present themselves. A further explanation clarified the passage of events leading to the rewards received by the Sojourners following their remarkable discovery. E Comp Daragon brilliantly narrated the circumstances as Principal Sojourner, bringing the story alive.

The Secrets were communicated by the Scribe E, Excellent Companion Ian Sugarman PAGDC, E Comp Roy Newton explained what was expected of Companions Charlton and Thirsk in an eloquent peroration from the dais, and E Comp Mike Graham presented a Royal Arch jewel to each along with the by-laws, congratulating them on achieving admission into the sublime degree,

Companion Malcolm Forbes gave greetings from the Humber Chapter 57 before everyone went below to a sumpteous Festive Board. 

[Photograph of Comps Charlton, Daragon and Thirsk by Comp Matt Owen]

Eddie Wildman PPGScN


Tuesday 22nd March 2022:

Ian Syddall visits the Wilberforce Chapter 2134:

I visited Wilberforce Chapter 2134 on Tuesday 22nd March they meet at the Masonic Hall Trinity Lane Beverley HU17 0DY, which meet three times a year on the third Tuesday of March October and November.

As usual for the Wilberforce Chapter, I was greeted with warmth and humour

Although the number of visitors only numbered three it was quality!

The three Principals were:

• MEZ Alan Allinson
• Haggai E Comp Gary Shores
• Joshua E Comp Donald McKernan

The business of the evening was to elect three Principals and a Treasurer for the ensuing year, the following were elected:

• MEZ E Comp Gary Shores
• Haggai E Comp Donald McKernan
• Joshua Comp Ray McKee
• Treasurer E Comp Bill Glanville ProvGScE

They carried out a ballot which was successful and then exalted Mr Dwain Longley, who is a member of the Wilberforce Craft Lodge.

The floor work was carried out under the control of the DC David Johnstone PPGScE competently, thoughtfully, and with consideration of the whole team. The three Sojourners were excellent.

The festive board again was full of welcoming banter and good food with excellent company. The visitors toast was responded to by newly made Joshua Mark Buscombe of the Hull Old Grammarians’ Chapter 5129. They meet at the Masonic Hall, 7 Dagger Lane, Hull HU1 2LU five times per year (Feb, Mar, Jul, Oct & Dec) on the first Thursday of the month, the same venue, of course, as the Humber Chapter 57.

[Portrait of William Wilberforce by Karl Anton Hickel, 1794]


Wednesday 16th March 2022:

Eddie Wildman writes as guest organist at the Kingston Chapter 1010:

Just before the end of the Installation meeting, E Comp. Richard John Smedley, as the Most Excellent Zerubbabel of the Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter 9611 and J Elect of the Humber Chapter 57 introduced himself to the Companions, explaining that he was their newly appointed Chapter Liaison Officerr, but that he was not a spy in the camp, rather a useful assistant should any difficulties arise.

It had been a splendid ceremony. E Comp Eddie Wildman (who gave greetings on behalf of the Chapter of St Michael 7833) congratulated the new team on the enjoyable ceremony, full of dignity and sincerity. The IPZ, E Comp Louis Morgan (who did much of the behind-the-scenes organising of the evening) had gracefully installed his successor, E Comp Paul Goldthorpe, and the latter installed H, E Companion Neil Armstrong, who subsequently placed E Companion Richard Bate in to the Chair of J. All this was under the well choreographed direction of E Comp Malcolm Watkinson, Installing DC.

The toasts at the Festive Board included that to Provincial Officers, and the Representative of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Companion Philip Harrison remarked on the many changes that had taken place in Freemasonry during lockdown and mentioned that special reference would be made to Chapter Masonry at the Convocation in York in May.

Richard Smedley sang the Principals Song: "Here's to the Three of them, One, Two, Three!" and the Companions joined in the chorus.

It was a happy meeting, and the Companions took their leave with smiles on their faces.

[L to R: Neil Armstrong (H), Paul Goldthorpe (Z) and Richard Bate (J). Photograph by Tony Burke]



Monday 14th March 2022:

Stephen Hastings, Provincial Grand Sword Bearer in the Grand Superintendent's Provincial Team and Past Z of the Humber Chapter 57 kindly submitted the following report:


On Monday 14th March I attended the rearranged Installation meeting of the Chapter of St Michae 7833.

The meeting was originally due to take place on the 17th of February but due to several of the members contracting covid or reported feeling unwell, following their last rehearsal before the planned meeting, it was felt wise to cancel it and rearrange the date.

It was once again a huge privilege to be part of the Active Provincial Team along with Humber Chapter member Excellent Companion Ian Syddall escorting the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Excellent Companion Jeffrey Gillyon, and the Deputy Grand Superintendent Excellent Companion Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith; this was going to be a special night for  the Chapter of St Michael!

However, things didn’t go the way they had planned as the Zerubabbal elect was unwell and unable to attend the meeting. This is the second Chapter installation that Ian and I have attended recently where the Zerubabbal elect was not available , maybe covid hasn’t finished with us yet?

The installation went ahead with a couple of last-minute replacements who performed very well under the circumstances but, obviously the first Principal was not installed, this is planned to take place at their next meeting, 21st April.

1st Principal’s Chair (not changed until the next meeting in April) 

2nd Principal’s Chair Excellent Companion John Irvin Burton

3rd Principal’s Chair Excellent Companion Stephen Christopher Prior, PPAGSoj

Following the installation of the 2nd and 3rd Principals the Chapter officers were invested by the soon to be outgoing 1st Principal, Excellent Companion Peter Wright PPGScN.

The remaining Chapter business of the evening was completed, and the Chapter closed in due harmony.

All active Provincial Officers lined up under the direction of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies Excellent Companion Mark Hall and escorted the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and the Deputy Grand Superintendent out of the Temple.

The festive board downstairs was very enjoyable with some friendly banter and conversation between us.
Following the meal the usual toasts were given apart from the Toast to the outgoing and incoming 1st Principals and their respective teams.

Stephen Hastings ProvGSwdB



 Thursday 3rd March 2022:

E Comp. Howard Newton stood in at short notice for the Second Provincial Grand Principal, Paul Harper, who having tested positive for Covid, wisely declined to visit Hull Old Grammarians' Chapter 5129 for the Installation meeting. Humber Chapter member Richard Smedley  performed magnificently as DC and the escort gave dignity to the proceedings. Unfortunately not all the Principals elected for office were able to attend, but the Chapter DC John W Plater skillfully choreographed a smooth exchange of First Principals; E Comp Graeme Reid relinquished the MEZ Chair to E Comp Nigel Collier, and Comp Mark Luscombe took his obligation and moved into the Chair of Joshua after which officers were appointed and invested. E Companion Paul Ralph, one of the Daggards, gave a harmonious rendition of the Song to the Principals at the Festive Board, accompanied by E Comp Eddie Wildman, who had played the Old School Song during the ceremony and was delighted that a number of the older Companions still recognised it.

[Photograph of E Comp Nigel Collier, MEZ by Eddie Wildman]



Wednesday 2nd March 2022:

Ian and Steve sojourn to Driffield, capital of the Wolds:


On Wednesday 2nd March I attended the Sykes Chapter No 1040 which meets at the Masonic Hall, Lockwood Street, Driffield. YO25 6RU.

This was an Installation Meeting and I was part of the active officers team escorting the Deputy Grand Superintendent Excellent Companion Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith, PGSwdB, and once again with Humber Chapter member Excellent Comp Stephen Hastings, Provincial Grand Sword Bearer, who on this occasion very kindly picked me up. Thank you Stephen!

There was a total of twelve active officers in attendance and due to various absences only eleven members.
The Installation did not go to plan as the 1st Principal was absent due to a recent fall but was carried out with sincerity and feeling.

Due to the number of absent companions and the fact that the incoming “Z” was absent the business of the evening was altered accordingly; the officers for the year were not invested. It is planned to do this in April when the new “Z” is installed.

We had a superb festive board, enjoyable and friendly company, and again the toasts for the evening were reduced, nevertheless it had been a brilliant, enjoyable evening. Well Done Sykes Chapter!

Ian Syddall


Tuesday 1st March 2022:

Ian Syddall's  visit to Beverley Road for a Chapter meeting:


On Tuesday 1st March I attended the Technical Chapter No 5666 which meets at the Masonic Hall, Beverley Road, Hull, The Chapter was consecrated in the year 1946.

This was their Installation Meeting and I was the personal guest of the incoming 1st Principal Excellent Companion Jonathan Sykes, I was also part of the Provincial team escorting the 2nd Grand Principal, E Comp Paul Harper PGStdB, along with another Humber Chapter member E Comp Stephen Hastings Provincial Grand Sword Bearer.

The Installation was carried out with sincerity and feeling. The three installed Principals were:

I was asked to respond to the visitors toast, which I gladly accepted, having been given plenty of notice, I thought I had prepared well, however, I had written into my response a part congratulating Comp Paul Burton on receiving his 50th certificate, although this year he is actually 60 years in the Technical Chapter having joined in 1961/62 according to the summons’ But he was not well so there was a change and I quickly changed my response.

Now when I have attended Technical Chapter previously Excellent Companion Mike Cheeseman (who was the Provincial Mentor for Chapter and is a member of Technical Lodge) has always asked me to read out a Nugget, so this time I was prepared. ("I'll show him," I thought.) Here it is:

"The word 'Companion' originally came from a military background and referred to soldiers who shared bread together as messmates. It derives from the Latin words com and panis, meaning ‘with bread’.

"In the Royal Arch, our relationship is closer to the Almighty than that of the Craft, and therefore our relationship to each other is a closer one. The term Brother is not enough in the Royal Arch, we needed something more, and we have it in the relationship of a Companion.

"We should be proud of this bond, this relationship, and to call each other 'Companion.'"

We had a superb festive board, enjoyable and friendly company, I thanked the Principle Sojourner Companion Mark Cusack for the terms of his toast and the Companions on the way they had received my response.

 Ian Syddall



Tuesday 22nd February 2022:

Ian Syddall is not only a member of the Humber Chapter 57, but also of Brough Chapter 5464. Here are his notes from the palindromically dated meeting 22.02.2022:


A visit to Brough Chapter 5464


On Tuesday 22nd February, I attended in my capacity as 1st Principal, Zerubbabel of the Brough Chapter 5464 who meet at the Masonic Hall, College Street, Sutton upon Hull HU7 4UP. This Chapter was consecrated on the 19th November 1959,

This was my final full meeting as Zerubbabel and the business was to confirm which Companions would be the next three Principals of the Chapter.

Due to the COVID restrictions the succession through various officers had not gone to plan, so it was agreed to install Past Excellent Companions into the 1st and 2nd Principals’ positions. The line-up for next year reads as follows:

          1st Principal’s Chair (Zerubbabel) Excellent Companion Dennis Scarah PPGStdB

          2nd Principal’s Chair (Haggai) Excellent Companion Steve Bisby PPGSwdB

          3rd Principals Chair (Joshua) Companion Michael Shakesby

The rest of the meeting was transacted in accordance with the byelaws but with a touch of fun, Brough Chapter have always had the balance right.

We had one visitor (who did not stay for the festive board): the Provincial Liaison Officer for Brough, E Companion David Terry, a member of Humber 57 Chapter.

The only disappointing aspect of the evening was the paucity of members attending from our roll of thirty; nevertheless it was as usual, good company and good food.

Ian Syddall



Thursday 17th February 2022:

After a rehearsal for the Installation of the Chapter of St Michael 7833 on the Monday before the event, one of the Principals felt ill on the way home, and taking a covid test, proved positive. Quite rightly, he informed all those who had been present and a warning went round to all members- and a couple of days later, two others who had been there also tested positive. The visiting Provincial team was informed along with other booked-in visitors and the meeting has been postponed, with the full agreement of the Province. Congratulations to Stephen Prior, who took prompt action and thereby averted possible disaster for many vulnerable Companions and their families! The Chapter Organist, who had not attended the rehearsal, took the opportunity to visit the Constitutional Chapter 294 in Beverley where a Brother was exalted according to the distinctive ritual practised by this ancient Chapter. Two Humber Brethren were there, in the persons of Eddie Wildman and John Ellwood, members of the Ridings Tablers' Chapter (See 18th January.)

Eddie Wildman

Friday 28th January 2022:

Eddie Wildman reports on the RTLC

I am a founder member of the Ridings Tablers' Chapter 9586. Its warrant of Constitution is dated 18th November 2017 so its development has been severely hampered by the covid pandemic. Consequently the installation this evening had some recycling amongst the Companions.  Companion John William Ellwood (a member of Humber Craft Lodge) took the Chair of Joshua, or 3rd Principal, while E Comp John Bridges PP3rdGPrin stepped into the Office of Haggai, and E Companion Howard B Newton moved up to the Chair of Most Excellent Zerubbabel. E Companion Steve Hastings ProvGSwdB, the RTC Treasurer who formed part of the escort when the Ruler demanded admission, is also a member of Humber Chapter 57.


I do not report on all the meetings I attend - some Brethren and Companions have manifestly struggled post-pandemic and are still building their teams, but this meeting was one of the best performances of a Chapter Installation I have witnessed. Manifestly well rehearsed and choreographed, the meeting flowed while retaining the good humour that characterises the Ridings Tablers' Lodge and Chapter. The only Companion with an open ritual book was the Lecture Master, and he was rarely required to prompt. I was most impressed by the delivery of the ritual regarding the robes worn by the three principals: E Comp Fred Harrison, Lecture Master explained the Z's robe; E Comp Tony Dyer , Mentor, dilated on the H's robe; and Comp Ian Dixon, a newly-made Companion, gave the ritual for the robe of Joshua. All three word perfect.

The visiting Ruler was Excellent Companion Paul Harper, PGSB, Second Grand Principal and he presented the IPZ, E Comp Chris Harland with his collar and an IPZ jewel, remarking that it was an emblem of figurative graduation and deserving of respect for the work done as MEZ. At the festive board afterwards, Chris thanked everyone, but made particular mention of the stalwart organisation and management of E Comp Mark Green, whose efforts had kept the Chapter in good fettle during particularly trying times. The spontaneous applause following his comments indicated that the Companions were whole-heartedly in agreement.

 A splendid evening, well supported by RTC Companions and lots of visitors.

 Eddie Wildman


Thursday 6th January 2022:

Here is E. Comp Ian Syddall's report on the Election Night Meeting of Humber Chapter 57,

However, he has cunningly interpolated  historical information in the form of nuggets regarding the three historic Principals who preside over the Chapter. The interpolated report may be found on the Chapter Nuggets Page. Here is the precis version.


The Humber Chapter No 57 Convocation on Thursday 6th January 2022 at 6:30 pm.


There were several apologies one of which was from the current “Z” E. Companion Michael Edwin Potts, who was suffering from “COVID” his replacement on this occasion was E Companion David Terry.

As usual for the Humber Chapter there was a private opening: this was the business meeting and on this occasion there were no visitors.

At this meeting the Companions agreed who will be our next three Principals for the new current year, our installation being April 7th 2022.

The Companions elected were:


      • E Comp Stanley J. Smith PPAGDC as 1st Principal, Zerubbabel;

     • E Comp Malcolm Forbes as 2nd Principal, Haggai;

     • E Comp Richard Smedley as 3rd Principal, Joshua;


      Other business on the night was as follows:

      • A Notice of Motion was given by E. Companion Richard Smedley to make E. Comp John            Proudley and E. Comp Kenneth Graham Honorary Members of Humber 57 Chapter.

     • E. Companion Winston Pannett on behalf of the Treasurer proposed that the subscriptions         be raised by £3.00 to £48.00 per year, as of the 1st of January 2022, this was seconded by             Comp Charles Alexander and passed by the Companions.

      • Greetings were extended:

      E Comp Hastings gave greetings from Provincial Grand Chapter.
      E Comp Whitfield gave greetings from the Past Zerubbabels of the Humber Chapter.

      The Convocation was then closed in due and ancient form at 19.05pm.

Ian Syddall


Wednesday 15th December 2021:

Kingston Chapter 1010 welcomed the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E Comp Jeffrey Gillyon and his team of active Provincial Officers and a fifty years service certificate was presented by the MEGS to E Companion DErek Broderick PAst G Soj. It was a convivial occasion, the interview of Derek Broderick a delight. Neil Armstrong gave a superb illustrated presentation "Looking for a better life" - 150 years of Kingston Chapter to celebrate the sesquicentennial, a masterpice highlighting the difficult Dickensian state of Hull's poorer quarters and the efforts of the Kingston Lodge and Chapter to address the issues of poverty and disease. The festive board was a lively gathering, full of Christmas spirit.

Eddie Wildman


Tuesday 9th November 2021:

At the Craft meeting W Bro Ian Syddall Prov G Charity Steward was officially honoured with the Office of Royal Arch Representative for Humber 57, replacing Bro Mark Lindsay who presided in this post from 2020. We welcome Ian in this important role and look forward to his contributions to the Craft meetings and his increasing involvement with the Chapter.

At that same meeting he gave a report that the next Humber Chapter meeting would be on the 6th January 2022, and at which it was hoped a Provincial Team would attend. While this will be a business meeting, the occasion will be enhanced by a presentation of a fifty-year certificate to Excellent Companion Winston Pannett. (You can read about Winston on the zoom Page for "oth May 2020,)

Charity is of course an essential part of Freemasonry, and you can read something about it on our Charity page; a percentage of our subscriptions is automatically used by the United Grand Lodge of England for Charity, and there are many other ways in which the Brethren contribute. Having Ian in the Humber Lodge 57 is a bonus for us as his expertise in how to best deploy resources is very useful.

The astute reader will observe that on the photograph with this text Ian is not wearing a Craft apron, but the apron and sash of the Royal Arch or Chapter. The Chapter is regarded as the "fourth degree", continuing the teachings of the Craft in a higher level, and Master Masons are encouraged to consider taking their Freemasonry to this level. It is not necessary to join the Chapter attached to the Craft Lodge: many Masons extend their circle of friends and venues by joining Chapters elsewhere,

[Photograph by Eddie Wildman]


Thursday 4th November 2021:

I was the only visitor at the Humber Chapter 57, giving greetings from the Chapter of St Michael 7833, and there were few Companions. The Chapter Room was minimally set up: indeed, for the purposes of the evening, the full robing and display of the banners was not needed: the pedestal sufficed. It was felt that a rehearsal beforehand might have been useful, but E Comp Malcolm Forbes gave a well enunciated lecture on the subject of Cricket and Freemasonry, in which he spoke of eminent cricketers who had also been Masons.

E Comp Jack Whileblood was remembered in an eloquent eulogy by E Comp David Terry, and there was lively discussion about the correct protocol regarding a member who had failed to pay his subs.

E Comp Ian Syddall's Charity report following the meeting at Escrick can be seen on the Charity Page dated 21st October 2021. The festive board was excellent.

Eddie Wildman


Wednesday 13th October 2021:


Other than in discrete groups of half a dozen and through the occasional zoom, it has been a long time since the Ridings Tablers' Chapter 9586 met, and its return to an unrestricted meeting at Trinity Lane Beverley saw a succesful ballot for two joining members, and for the Exaltation of Brother Andrew Cooke. A surprise visit of the Provincial 2nd Grand Principal and a team of Officers added to the occasion. Although still in its infancy, the RTC has begun a number of "traditions" including the wearing of red socks for the occasion. Perhaps a new tradition has begun with the Principal Sojourner from Yorkshire, who rendered his script in an accent redolent of the Dales.

Eddie Wildman



 Wednesday 21st October 2020:

It's now Official!

Many congratulations to E Comp. Stephen Charles Hastings, IPZ of the Humber 57 Chapter, for his promotion to Active Office in the Provincial Team - Provincial Grand Sword Bearer. Stephen (shown here in a pre-face mask photograph) is also a significant member of the Ridings Tablers' Lodge and Chapter 9685.

Humber Chapter E Comp. Ian Syddall (see the photograph in the article below) also has been awarded active Provincial rank as Provincial Grand Steward. Although the pandemic doesn't permit us to applaud them publicly (the Convocation in November will be limited by the Rule of Six) the Humber Chapter Companion are proud of you both. Well done, Stephen and Ian - it is good to see excellence rewarded.

Eddie Wildman



Thursday 3rd September 2020:

The Humber Chapter Installation which should have take place in April was held in the black and white Lodge Room at Dagger Lane, and in accordance with the government guidelines and instructions from UGLE and Province was in a streamlined format, without robes, sceptres etc., and without the banners, other than the four principal banners and the Royal Arch logo now traditionally displayed on the east wall during Craft meetings, and hence permanently in place. Last minute apologies had reduced the gathering to a baker's dozen (including the two visitors, E Comp Paul Harper, Deputy Grand Superintendent, and E Comp Eddie Wildman, WM of the Humber Lodge.) Most of the Brethren were members of the premier Lodge in the Province: it was good to see familiar faces, plus those of friends from elsewhere, albeit partially hidden by the fine masonic masks kindly supplied by Bro Craig Morrison.

E Companion Ian Syddall (recently promoted to PGStwd - see the next article) presided as the outgoing Zerubabbel, supported by E Comps Sergei Byelov (now PPGAstSoj) and Stephen Hastings (now PGSwdB) as stand-in H and J., while the "new team" occupied different seats at a suitable sociable interval in front. E Comp Richard Smedley (MEZ of the Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter, the first post-lockdown MEZ in the Province, see next article below) as the Installing Director of Ceremonies lent dignity and authority to the occasion.

Following a eulogy for E Comp Mark Philips the ceremony proceeded smoothly and efficiently; as all but the incoming Zerubbabel had held such offices before, it was a short period before E Comp Mike Potts was installed as First Principal,  E Comp Stanley Smith was installed as Haggai and E Comp Malcolm Forbes was installed as Joshua,  The Deputy Grand Superintendent spoke briefly and eloquently about the way forward, acknowledging that it would not be easy, but confident that the Chapter would prosper in the future.

There was no festive board so the Companions took their leave of each other in the Lodge Room and made their way home before sunset.

[Pictured L to R: E Comp Ian Syddall, retiring Z; E Comp Mike Potts, MEZ; E Comp. Stan Smith, H; E Comp Mike Forbes, J. Photos by ERW.]


Monday 27th July 2020:

First Post-Lock-down Chapter Meeting.


In the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings, the first Chapter meeting after lock-down was the installation of the MEZ, H and J of the Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter 9611, moved by dispensation from Malton to Trinity Lane Beverley.

The event took place in the elegant panelled dining hall, observing Covid-19 protocols, with appropriate social distancing and a minimum of regalia and equipment. The MEZ, E Comp Bill Glanville PPGScN opened the Chapter and the Acting Director of Ceremonies, E Comp David Knowles PPGSwd announced the entrance of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp Jeffrey Gillyon. The Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith was already in attendance.

Having already been elected, and having been previously installed elsewhere, the three elected Principals were installed by announcement.

E Comp Richard Smedley was installed as MEZ, E Comp Mark Richardson as H and E Comp Mark Green as J. The MEZ announced his officers.

After the Almoner’s report, the Provincial Stewards for 2020-21 (all Provincial Grand Stewards are chosen by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent) were proposed. These included E Comp Paul Cooper of Londesborough Chapter 734 and E Comp Ian Syddall, MEZ of Humber Chapter 57. These Companions were present and stood to acknowledge the honour.

Humber was well represented that evening, with Richard Smedley ProvAGDC, Sergei Byelov PPGStwd (retiring J), Ian Syddall (soon to become ProvGS) and Eddie Wildman, PPGScN, guest organist for the occasion.

At the risings greetings were given by the MEGS who took the opportunity to say that it was no easy task getting Freemasonry up and running again, and the help of the Provincial Stewards in both Craft and Chapter was needed. He encouraged telephoning absent Brethren and Companions as a more friendly way of keeping in touch. He intimated that later in the year a full initiation ceremony would be demonstrated for the benefit of those initiated under the coronavirus health and safety restrictions. This, he said, would include the Entered Apprentice Song!

The Chapter was closed and the Companions retired.

 [Photographs with social distancing by Eddie Wildman]

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