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Next Humber Meeting

Tuesday 12th October at Dagger Lane

Third Degree Ceremony

 Ensure you have booked in for the festive board!


Blogs from the Annual Convocation at York Race Course - hear it from the horses' mouths! (Blog Page, 11th September 2021)


  Dales Lodge hands in its warrant: see Blog Page.

Invictus Double Bubble: see Blog Page.



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September 24, 2021, 22:11
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WM's Diary

The 2019-20 Diary is now archived. See below for 2021: information will be disseminated as soon as it is available regarding Humber Lodge, Humber Lodge of Instruction and Humber Chapter. Invitations and visits to other Lodges will be disseminated as soon as they are available, including Zoom invitations etc. At the moment we are still in a state of some uncertainty, and the WM is grateful for the continued support of the Brethren during these difficult times, and trusts that now we are able to meet in health and safety again, at our own and other Lodges, we can once again enjoy companionship and the delights of the bar and festive board. The coronavirus is still about, however, and the Brethren have been taught to be cautious: I greet you well - use hand gel - we must not relax yet! 

[Portrait by Michael Taylor]



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Tuesday 13th July our Entered Apprentice is Passing to the Degree of a Fellow Craft Freemason; hopefully this will be a white table night where potential Candidates will join us at the meal afterwards. The new Lodge Membership Officer is busy!

Look out for the Zoom meetings at different Lodges!