Craftcast: The Freemasons Podcast

The 2nd of November 2022 saw the release of UGLE’s first podcast. This first episode featured a discussion about what the name of the new podcast should be and following a number of member’s suggestions, it was decided that Craftcast was the best choice.

Season 1 had a total of 16 episodes featuring special guests including the Pro Grand Master and the Female Grand Masters. Other episodes featured specific topics, such as special interest lodges, Solomon and visiting lodges.

The podcast is hosted by Shaun Butler, James Dalton and Stephen Whatley; each episode is around 30 minutes in length and I personally couldn’t wait for each new episode to become available. They are very easy listening and perfect for the commute to work or when lounging at home. I particularly enjoyed learning more about UGLE and the wonderful organisation I became apart of. Making it easy to understand and in such an accessible format was a huge advantage.

My favourite episode was an unscripted conversation about men’s mental health, a topic that has gained much publicity over the past few years. Hearing the hosts speak so openly about their own experiences was overwhelming and I don’t mind admitting; brought tears to my eyes.

Series 1 aired its last show on the 7th of August 2023 and promised even more to come in season 2. The show is easily accessible through all podcast apps and on smart speakers, well worth a listen!




Bro Matthew L57