Humber Chapter


The Humber Royal Arch Chapter meets 6 months of the year

on the 1st Thursday of January, April, June, September & November


To join a Chapter, Brethren must wait at least one month after completing their third degree in the Craft.

Meetings commence at 6.30pm, except our installation evening in the April when the start time is 4.30pm. We meet at The Masonic Hall, Prince Street, Dagger Lane, Kingston Upon Hull, HU1 2LU.


The Royal Arch Representative for 2020 in Humber Craft is Bro Mark Lindsay.

Mark keeps the Craft members up to date with Chapter proceedings, and delivers valuable nuggets to inform Craft members who have not yet completed their Masonic Square by joining the Supreme Degree, and, indeed, to enlighten Chapter members.


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When I was doing my own research into the Chapter,  I discovered that there were three Principals, who conjointly rule the Chapter, sitting together in the east of the assembly.

The three Principals are similar to the Worshipful Master of a Craft lodge .

 Zerubbabel – Prince of Jerusalem,  Haggai – the Prophet,   Joshua  – the High Priest

According to the biblical narrative, Zerubbabel  was a governor of the Achaemenid Empire's province Yehud Medinata  and the grandson of Jeconiah, penultimate king of Judah and descendant of King David.

He led the first group of Jews, numbering 42,360, who returned from the Babylonian captivity in the first year of Cyrus the Great, king of the Achaemenid Empire.

The Most Excellent Zerubbabel is the First Principal in a Chapter, he wears a crimson robe and carries a sceptre bearing a crown.

In all of the accounts in the Hebrew Bible that mention Zerubbabel, he is always associated with the high priest who returned with him, Joshua  son of Josedech .

Together, these two men led the first wave of Jewish returnees from exile and began to rebuild the Temple.

Excellent Companion Joshua is the Third Principal. He wears a blue robe and carries a sceptre bearing a mitre.

Joshua is similar to a Craft lodge Chaplain, saying the prayers at meetings.


Haggai was a Hebrew prophet during the building of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, one of the twelve minor prophets in the Hebrew Bible and the author of the Book of Haggai.

He is known for his prophecy in 520 BC, commanding the Jews to rebuild the Temple, warning that failure would bring pestilence and drought as a punishment from God.

Excellent Companion Haggai the Second Principal, wears a purple robe and carries a sceptre bearing the all seeing eye, which you would recognise from Craft Freemasonry.


All three Principals play a great historical role in the Chapter and researching them gave me a better understanding of their position.

If you want to know more about the three Principals or see them ruling the Chapter you will need to join the Holy Royal Arch, or visit as a Companion.

Worshipful Master, the Chapter report.

Chapter Report February 2020. ML.


Royal Arch Masonry, in form and substance, is very old. It has been well described as an essential and component part of ancient Freemasonry and the perfection and completion of a beautiful system, yet although provided for in the first issued Book of Constitutions (1723), when the Master of a Craft Lodge had the right of authority to form a Chapter, this supreme degree was allowed to remain dormant for many years. It was revived by the "Grand Lodge of the Ancients" and became generally practised from 1751. It was recognised by the Moderns in 1770.

The history of the Humber Chapter is very interesting and in many respects unique, for it has a nearly unbroken record since 1811 and maintains many elements of ancient usage in ritual, vestements, ceremonial and control dating back to a period several years prior to the formation of the United Grand Chapter in 1817.

If you would like to know more about our history, you will need to join the Humber Chapter.

Any other Chapter, however, would also welcome you with open arms.

Chapter Report January 2020. ML.