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Tuesday 8th February 2022

1st Degree Ceremony 6.30 prompt at Dagger Lane



See David Terry's report on Humber 57's first meeting of the year on the Blog Page!

Chapter News from Ian Syddall on the Humber Chapter Page!

L o I report from Charles Alexander!



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Humber Chapter


The Humber Royal Arch Chapter meets 6 months of the year

on the 1st Thursday of January, April, June, September & November


To join a Chapter, Brethren must wait at least one month after completing their third degree in the Craft.

Meetings commence at 6.30pm, except our installation evening in the April when the start time is 4.30pm. We meet at The Masonic Hall, Prince Street, Dagger Lane, Kingston Upon Hull, HU1 2LU.

Fees for joining are considerably less than those required by the Craft, currently £48.00.

This page is for reports on Chapter Visits, our own Chapter meetings, and for nuggets from the

Humber Lodge Royal Arch Representative.


The Royal Arch Representative for 2022 in Humber Craft is E. Comp Ian Syddall


Ian keeps the Craft members up to date with Chapter proceedings, and delivers valuable nuggets to inform Craft members who have not yet completed their Masonic Square by joining the Supreme Degree, and, indeed, to enlighten Chapter members. Scroll down to 9th November 2021 for picture.



Thursday 6th January 2022:

Here is E. Comp Ian Syddall's report on the Election Night Meeting,

However, he has cunningly interpolated  historical information in the form of nuggets regarding the three emblematic Principals who preside over the Chapter.


The Humber Chapter No 57 Convocation on Thursday 6th January 2022 at 6:30 pm.

There were several apologies one of which was from the current “Z” E. Companion Michael Edwin Potts, who was suffering from “COVID” his replacement on this occasion was E. Companion David Terry.

As usual for the Humber Chapter there was a private opening: this was the business meeting and on this occasion there were no visitors.

At this meeting the Companions agreed who will be our next three Principals for the new current year, our installation being April 7th 2022.

The companions elected:

      • E Comp Stanley J. Smith PPAGDC as 1st Principal, Zerubbabel;

Who was Zerubbabel?

In the Old Testament Zerubbabel was the grandson of Jehoiachin, penultimate King of Judah. Following the defeat of King Nebuchadnezzar of Bablyon by King Cyrus of Persia, the Israelites that had been held captive in Babylon were allowed to return home to Jerusalem.

Zerubbabel was appointed Governor of Judah by King Darius I (who came after King Cyrus; though it was Cyrus who conceived of the idea) and led the first group of returning Israelites, numbering over 42,000, on this long journey, described in the Book of Ezra.

Shortly after his arrival in Jerusalem, Zerubbabel laid the foundation stone of the Second Temple and supervised the rebuilding project, working closely with Joshua, son of Jozadak, the High Priest. King Darius I of Persia, was busy suppressing revolts elsewhere in his kingdom and so did not interfere.

 Legend has it that Zerubbabel and Darius were good friends.


     • E Comp Malcolm Forbes as 2nd Principal, Haggai;

Who was Haggai?

Haggai was one of those who returned from Babylon and began his ministries about 16 years after his return. The Lord spoke to him and said, ‘My people,should you be living in well built houses when my Temple lies in ruins?’

The rebuilding of the Temple had been stopped for 15 years and with Zerrubbabel, Haggai exhorted the people, roused them from their lethargy and induced them to take advantage of the favourable opportunity that had arisen in the change of policy of the Persian government.

Haggai is remembered for his four prophecies delivered over three months to urge the people to rebuild the Temple. The Book of Haggai can be found in the Old Testament. Because of the prophecies he is known as the Prophet Haggai.


     • E Comp Richard Smedley as 3rd Principal, Joshua;

Who was Joshua?

Joshua was actually Jeshua. People kept confusing him with Joshua of Moses’ time. Jeshua (Joshua) was head of the Ninth priestly order and a Levite; as such he did not take up arms. The Levites were the religious men charged with doing the Lords work and were really the 13th tribe of the Israelites.

Jeshua, was appointed to his position by Hexekiath, who asked him to distribute offerings in priestly cities. His father, Jozadek, was the High Priest under Zerrubbabel in Jerusalem. Jeshua assisted in the reformation of Jerusalem under the leadership of Nehemiah.


Other business on the night was as follows:

      • A Notice of Motion was given by E. Companion Richard Smedley to make E. Comp John Proudley and E. Comp Kenneth Graham Honorary Members of Humber 57 Chapter.

     • E. Companion Winston Pannett on behalf of the Treasurer proposed that the subscriptions be raised by £3.00 to £48.00 per year, as of the 1st of January 2022, this was seconded by Comp Charles Alexander and passed by the Companions

      • Greetings were extended:

E Comp Hastings gave greetings from Provincial Grand Chapter.
E Comp Whitfield gave greetings from the Past Zerubbabels of the Humber Chapter.

The Convocation was then closed in due and ancient form at 19.05pm.

Ian Syddall


Wednesday 15th December 2021:

Kingston Chapter 1010 welcomed the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E Comp Jeffrey Gillyon and his team of active Provincial Officers and a fifty years service certificate was presented by the MEGS to E Companion DErek Broderick PAst G Soj. It was a convivial occasion, the interview of Derek Broderick a delight. Neil Armstrong gave a superb illustrated presentation "Looking for a better life - 150 years of Kingston Chapter to celebrate the sesquicentennial, a masterpice highlighting the difficult Dickensian state of Hull's poorer quarters and the efforts of the Kingston Lodge and Chapter to address the issues of poverty and disease. The festive board was a lively gathering, full of Christmas spirit.


Tuesday 9th November 2021:

At the Craft meeting W Bro Ian Syddall Prov G Charity Steward was officially honoured with the Office of Royal Arch Representative for Humber 57, replacing Bro Mark Lindsey who presided in this post from 2020. We welcome Ian in this important role and look forward to his contributions to the Craft meetings and his increasing involvement with the Chapter.

At that same meeting he gave a report that the next Humber Chapter meeting would be on the 6th January 2022, and at which it was hoped a Provincial Team would attend. While this will be a business meeting, the occasion will be enhanced by a presentation of a fifty-year certificate to Excellent Companion Winston Pannett. (You can read about Winston on the zoom Page for "oth May 2020,)

Charity is of course an essential part of Freemasonry, and you can read something about it on our Charity page; a percentage of our subscriptions is automatically used by the United Grand Lodge of England for Charity, and there are many other ways in which the Brethren contribute. Having Ian in the Humber Lodge 57 is a bonus for us as his expertise in how to best deploy resources is very useful.

The astute reader will observe that on the photograph with this text Ian is not wearing a Craft apron, but the apron and sash of the Royal Arch or Chapter. The Chapter is regarded as the "fourth degree", continuing the teachings of the Craft in a higher level, and Master Masons are encouraged to consider taking their Freemasonry to this level. It is not necessary to join the Chapter attached to the Craft Lodge: many Masons extend their circle of friends and venues by joining Chapters elsewhere,

[Photograph by Eddie Wildman]


Thursday 4th November 2021:

I was the only visitor at the Humber Chapter 57, giving greetings from the Chapter of St Michael 7833, and there were few Companions. The Chapter Room was minimally set up: indeed, for the purposes of the evening, the full robing and display of the banners was not needed: the pedestal sufficed. It was felt that a rehearsal beforehand might have been useful, but E Comp Malcolm Forbes gave a well enunciated lecture on the subject of Cricket and Freemasonry, where he spoke of eminent cricketers who had also been Masons. E Comp Jack Whileblood was remembered in an eloquent eulogy by E Comp David Terry, and there was lively discussion about the correct protocol regarding a member who had failed to pay his subs. The Charity report following the meeting at Escrick can be seen on the Charity Page dated 21st October 2021. The festive board was excellent.

Eddie Wildman


Wednesday 13th October 2021:


Other than in discrete groups of half a dozen and through the occasional zoom, it has been a long time since the Ridings Tablers' Chapter 9586 met, and its return to an unrestricted meeting at Trinity Lane Beverley saw a succesful ballot for two joining members, and for the Exaltation of Brother Andrew Cooke. A surprise visit of the Provincial 2nd Grand Principal and a team of Officers added to the occasion. Although still in its infancy, the RTC has begun a number of "traditions" including the wearing of red socks for the occasion. Perhaps a new tradition has begun with the Principal Sojourner from Yorkshire, who rendered his script in an accent redolent of the Dales.



Wednesday 4th August 2021

After a long time away from Chapter Meetings, the following message from UGLE is particularly welcome:


Legal restrictions on meeting in England have largely been lifted now, with individual Freemasons and Lodges free to make their own decisions about whether to meet and what, if any, restrictions to adopt. The position is similar in Wales, with meetings able to take place now and unmodified ceremonies expected to be permitted from 7 August. In the Districts the picture is varied as District Grand Masters impose emergency restrictions to comply with local law or practice as appropriate. As a reminder, the stance of the United Grand Lodge of England remains as follows:

1. In holding Lodge and Chapter meetings it is essential that Brethren and Companions comply with all legal requirements from time to time in force.
2. Provided that they do so, it is not UGLE’s policy to impose restrictions on meeting beyond those required by the law.
3. No pressure must be applied to anyone either to attend or refrain from attending meetings.
4. The same principle applies to the wearing of face coverings, which should be regarded as a matter of personal choice.
5. The use of the modifications to the ceremonies, introduced in the summer of 2020 to enable ceremonies to be performed, should cease as soon as is practicable, except where local legal requirements are imposed in relation to such matters as social distancing.
6. The ceremony of Raising (and of Exaltation in the Royal Arch) is once again permitted.
7. It is nonetheless sensible to ensure that a candidate for any degree, and in particular that of initiation, is made aware that the ceremony he will undergo will involve a measure of physical contact, so that he can make his own decision as to whether to proceed with it at this time.
8. Regulations 5 to 11 of the Temporary Emergency Measures for Covid-19 remain in force, to the extent that they are needed, until 31 December 2021, or such earlier date as the Grand Master or the Pro Grand Master on his behalf shall direct. The Pro Grand Master directed that Regulations 1 to 4 ceased to apply from 19 July 2021 (in England) and shall cease to apply from 7 August 2021 (in Wales) except in relation to the unexpired period of a suspension already notified in accordance with them.


Wednesday 21st October 2020

It's now Official!

Many congratulations to E Comp. Stephen Charles Hastings, IPZ of the Humber 57 Chapter, for his promotion to Active Office in the Provincial Team - Provincial Grand Sword Bearer. Stephen (shown here in a pre-face mask photograph) is also a significant member of the Ridings Tablers' Lodge and Chapter 9685.

Humber Chapter E Comp. Ian Syddall (see the photograph in the article below) also has been awarded active Provincial rank as Provincial Grand Steward. Although the pandemic doesn't permit us to applaud them publicly (the Convocation in November will be limited by the Rule of Six) the Humber Chapter Companion are proud of you both. Well done, Stephen and Ian - it is good to see excellence rewarded.


Thursday 3rd September 2020

The Humber Chapter Installation which should have take place in April was held in the black and white Lodge Room at Dagger Lane, and in accordance with the government guidelines and instructions from UGLE and Province was in a streamlined format, without robes, sceptres etc., and without the banners, other than the four principal banners and the Royal Arch logo now traditionally displayed on the east wall during Craft meetings, and hence permanently in place. Last minute apologies had reduced the gathering to a baker's dozen (including the two visitors, E Comp Paul Harper, Deputy Grand Superintendent, and E Comp Eddie Wildman, WM of the Humber Lodge.) Most of the Brethren were members of the premier Lodge in the Province: it was good to see familiar faces, plus those of friends from elsewhere, albeit partially hidden by the fine masonic masks kindly supplied by Bro Craig Morrison.

E Companion Ian Syddall (recently promoted to PGStwd - see the next article) presided as the outgoing Zerubabbel, supported by E Comps Sergei Byelov (now PPGAstSoj) and Stephen Hastings (now PGSwdB) as stand-in H and J., while the "new team" occupied different seats at a suitable sociable interval in front. E Comp Richard Smedley (MEZ of the Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter, the first post-lockdown MEZ in the Province, see next article below) as the Installing Director of Ceremonies lent dignity and authority to the occasion.

Following a eulogy for E Comp Mark Philips the ceremony proceeded smoothly and efficiently; as all but the incoming Zerubbabel had held such offices before, it was a short period before E Comp Mike Potts was installed as First Principal,  E Comp Stanley Smith was installed as Haggai and E Comp Malcolm Forbes was installed as Joshua,  The Deputy Grand Superintendent spoke briefly and eloquently about the way forward, acknowledging that it would not be easy, but confident that the Chapter would prosper in the future.

There was no festive board so the Companions took their leave of each other in the Lodge Room and made their way home before sunset.

[Pictured L to R: E Comp Ian Syddall, retiring Z; E Comp Mike Potts, MEZ; E Comp. Stan Smith, H; E Comp Mike Forbes, J. Photos by ERW.]


Monday 27th July 2020

First Post-Lock-down Chapter Meeting.


In the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings, the first Chapter meeting after lock-down was the installation of the MEZ, H and J of the Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter 9611, moved by dispensation from Malton to Trinity Lane Beverley.

The event took place in the elegant panelled dining hall, observing Covid-19 protocols, with appropriate social distancing and a minimum of regalia and equipment. The MEZ, E Comp Bill Glanville PPGScN opened the Chapter and the Acting Director of Ceremonies, E Comp David Knowles PPGSwd announced the entrance of the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, E Comp Jeffrey Gillyon. The Deputy Grand Superintendent, E Comp Jonathan Mark Mitchell Smith was already in attendance.

Having already been elected, and having been previously installed elsewhere, the three elected Principals were installed by announcement.

E Comp Richard Smedley was installed as MEZ, E Comp Mark Richardson as H and E Comp Mark Green as J. The MEZ announced his officers.

After the Almoner’s report, the Provincial Stewards for 2020-21 (all Provincial Grand Stewards are chosen by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent) were proposed. These included E Comp Paul Cooper of Londesborough Chapter 734 and E Comp Ian Syddall, MEZ of Humber Chapter 57. These Companions were present and stood to acknowledge the honour.

Humber was well represented that evening, with Richard Smedley ProvAGDC, Sergei Byelov PPGStwd (retiring J), Ian Syddall (soon to become ProvGS) and Eddie Wildman, PPGScN, guest organist for the occasion.

At the risings greetings were given by the MEGS who took the opportunity to say that it was no easy task getting Freemasonry up and running again, and the help of the Provincial Stewards in both Craft and Chapter was needed. He encouraged telephoning absent Brethren and Companions as a more friendly way of keeping in touch. He intimated that later in the year a full initiation ceremony would be demonstrated for the benefit of those initiated under the coronavirus health and safety restrictions. This, he said, would include the Entered Apprentice Song!

The Chapter was closed and the Companions retired.

 [Photographs with social distancing by Eddie Wildman]



The Royal Arch Representative for 2022 in Humber Craft is E. Comp Ian Syddall

Ian keeps the Craft members up to date with Chapter proceedings, and delivers valuable nuggets to inform Craft members who have not yet completed their Masonic Square by joining the Supreme Degree, and, indeed, to enlighten Chapter members.



(Most recent at the top - scroll down for earlier Chapter nuggets from our previous Royal Arch Chapter Representative, Mark Lindsay.)



2020 will always go down in history as the Year of the Virus.

It has never been more important to consider joining the Chapter. From its humble beginnings in the 18th century right through to where we are now, it is essential that your journey from the Craft through to the Chapter is completed, not only to finish your Masonic story, but to carry on the teachings of the Chapter to future generations.

The Royal Arch has survived all its trials: World War 2 was one such.

As we all know people of the Jewish faith were rounded up tortured and killed by the Nazis, but there were also political and religious opponents which included hundreds if not thousands of Freemasons.

Let me direct your attention to the historical nuggets both on this website and also on Solomon.

For Brethren already in the Chapter, please consider visiting others, though at the moment the coronavirus renders this impossible. Watch the Diary Page for information.

Interestingly (and unsurprisingly for the premier Lodge) our own W Bro Richard Smedley was raised to the pre-eminent Office of Most Excellent Zerubbabel in the Provincial Stewards Chapter 9611, the first Chapter event since the relaxation of lock-down measures. Details may be found above (27th July).

Chapter Report August 2020. M.L.



When I was doing my own research into the Chapter,  I discovered that there were three Principals, who conjointly rule the Chapter, sitting together in the east of the assembly.

The three Principals are similar to the Worshipful Master of a Craft lodge .

 Zerubbabel – Prince of Jerusalem,  Haggai – the Prophet,   Joshua  – the High Priest

According to the biblical narrative, Zerubbabel  was a governor of the Achaemenid Empire's province Yehud Medinata  and the grandson of Jeconiah, penultimate king of Judah and descendant of King David.

He led the first group of Jews, numbering 42,360, who returned from the Babylonian captivity in the first year of Cyrus the Great, king of the Achaemenid Empire.

The Most Excellent Zerubbabel is the First Principal in a Chapter, he wears a crimson robe and carries a sceptre bearing a crown.

In all of the accounts in the Hebrew Bible that mention Zerubbabel, he is always associated with the high priest who returned with him, Joshua  son of Josedech .

Together, these two men led the first wave of Jewish returnees from exile and began to rebuild the Temple.

Excellent Companion Joshua is the Third Principal. He wears a blue robe and carries a sceptre bearing a mitre.

Joshua is similar to a Craft lodge Chaplain, saying the prayers at meetings.


Haggai was a Hebrew prophet during the building of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, one of the twelve minor prophets in the Hebrew Bible and the author of the Book of Haggai.

He is known for his prophecy in 520 BC, commanding the Jews to rebuild the Temple, warning that failure would bring pestilence and drought as a punishment from God.

Excellent Companion Haggai the Second Principal, wears a purple robe and carries a sceptre bearing the all seeing eye, which you would recognise from Craft Freemasonry.


All three Principals play a great historical role in the Chapter and researching them gave me a better understanding of their position.

If you want to know more about the three Principals or see them ruling the Chapter you will need to join the Holy Royal Arch, or visit as a Companion.

Worshipful Master, the Chapter report.

Chapter Report February 2020. ML.


Royal Arch Masonry, in form and substance, is very old. It has been well described as an essential and component part of ancient Freemasonry and the perfection and completion of a beautiful system, yet although provided for in the first issued Book of Constitutions (1723), when the Master of a Craft Lodge had the right of authority to form a Chapter, this supreme degree was allowed to remain dormant for many years. It was revived by the "Grand Lodge of the Ancients" and became generally practised from 1751. It was recognised by the Moderns in 1770.

The history of the Humber Chapter is very interesting and in many respects unique, for it has a nearly unbroken record since 1811 and maintains many elements of ancient usage in ritual, vestements, ceremonial and control dating back to a period several years prior to the formation of the United Grand Chapter in 1817.

If you would like to know more about our history, you will need to join the Humber Chapter.

Any other Chapter, however, would also welcome you with open arms.

Chapter Report January 2020. ML.