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W Bro Mike Phillips who passed to the Grand Lodge Above on Wednesday January 15th.

He lived respected and died regretted.


Nugget Stream

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Prudence, Temperance,

Fortitude & Justice

[submitted by David Terry January 2020]

 The four virtues

The above are the four Cardinal Virtues we hear of in the 1st Degree Charge and are represented by the four tassels at each corner of our Lodge carpet.


is the ability to discern the appropriate course of action to be taken in a given situation at a given time.

It also means “discreet and worldly wise”.


– Courage, Strength and Endurance.


– Self control Discretion and Moderation.


- Sense of Fairness

Coupled with Benevolence and Charity, the above virtues are the essential signposts to a happy, meaningful and balanced life.



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Wednesday 22nd January 2020

At the Haltemprice Crematorium, W Bro Bill Burnett invited Bob's grieving widow, Margaret and her children to turn around to see the crowded hall. "This," he remarked, "is a tribute to the esteem in which Bob Clarkson was held. Everyone here today has come because they knew and respected him." The service was indeed uplifting, a celebration of the life of Robert Edwin Clarkson, who died on Boxing Day following a long illness. The vicar, Revd Martyn Westby, remarked on the high quality of the singing: the music to Eternal Father, he said, was composed by a Hull man, which emphasised Bob's connection to the sea. Indeed, the Masonic Closing Hymn, which was sung in addition to the former, was to music again by John Bacchus Dykes. Bob's maritime, police and Masonic connections were illustrated anecdotally, and band members from his Drum Major Days, and the pipe escort which had led the coffin to the crematorium shared stories afterwards at the Willerby Manor.


Tuesday 21st January 2020

Hull Old Grammarians' Lodge 5129 began 2020 with an initiation ceremony. Their last ceremony of 2019 (see below) was also a first degree: it is encouraging to see the numbers increase. The Candidate, now Brother David Stockton, enjoyed a well coordinated initiation, with the younger members performing key roles with fluency and panache. Pictured here at the Festive Board is Bro Stockton [left] being presented with the summons for that evening's meeting (signed by every Mason present) by the Master of the Lodge, W Bro Mantas Montvydas. W Bro Eddie Wildman, who had played the organ for the ceremony and accompanied the Entered Apprentice Song downstairs, attended as a guest of the Worshipful Master and thoroughly appreciated the hard work that had gone into welcoming another Brother into the Craft.

[Photograph by W Bro Nigel Collier]


Saturday 18th January 2020

Technical Lodge 5666 enjoyed a comfortable 2nd degree ceremony, well rehearsed and performed by the Brethren.technical logo (Mobile).jpg Of particular interest was the delivery of the Second Degree Working Tools by a student friend of the Candidate, who had travelled from Wigan for this purpose. Interestingly, the version he already knew was in Emulation ritual, but he learned the longer Humber working especially for the event.

The organist selected Film Music as his theme for the evening and some of the Brethren were able to name a number of the films afterwards. (Casablanca, Gold Diggers of Broadway, The Wizard of Oz. )This says something about the age of some of the Brethren. It also says something about the age of the organist.


Thursday 16th January 2020

The WM attended Dagger Lane for the non-Masonic occasion of a wedding, playing suitable music on the organ for the civil ceremony, and concluding with the Mendelssohn Wedding March.

The Lodge Room is ideal for such occasions, and the wedding guests were suitably impressed with the venue both upstairs and down. The pipe organ is a fine Forster & Andrews dated 1882, a beautiful instrument, recently restored.

It was a pleasure to be able to play for the ceremony and to congratulate the happy couple.


 Wednesday 15th January 2020

alexandra with s&c (Mobile).jpgThe Worshipful Master of Humber Lodge 57 travelled with the WM of the Lodge of St Michael 7833 and other St Michael Brethren to the easternmost Lodge in the Province, Alexandra Lodge 1511 in Hornsea. Other Humber Brethren were already there: the IPM and the Secretary, plus visitors from the Phoenix Lodge 9963 and others to witness W Bro Silvan Rust install his successor, W Bro Malcolm John Pearson into the Chair.

Eddie was privileged to act as Mentor for the Lodge's Entered Apprentice and to a number of young Master Masons while the ceremony took place; he and they advancing in Masonic knowledge before re-entering for the investiture of the Officers and the Closing of the Lodge.


Tuesday 14th January 2020

Welcome, Brother Craig Morrison! The Lodge Room at Dagger Lane was full for the first meeting of Humber Lodge in 2020. After the opening of the Lodge, W Bro William Eric Burnett gave a moving eulogy on W Bro Bob Clarkson, recalling his prowess as an instructor especially in swimming, going on to mention his Masonic career, his warmth and sense of humour as a Freemason.

The Tyler announced that his Candidate, Mr Craig Morrison was at the door, and the WM and Humber Brethren proceeded to initiate him according to ancient custom. Brother Morrison proved an excellent Candidate and after retiring to restore himself to his personal comforts, rejoined the Brethren for the closing of the Lodge. This was not without its surprises, for three of the Brethren were about to celebrate birthdays in January and were awarded badges. W Bro Burnett celebrated his twenty-fourth year in the Craft, and was presented with a much sought after Humber pen to mark the event.

The good humour continued to the Festive Board below, and W Bro David Terry was in fine voice for the final toast, everybody joining in the chorus with enthusiasm.

[Photograph of Brother Morrison and W Bro Eddie Wildman by W Bro Craig Maurier.]


Saturday 11th January 2020

 The Invictus Lodge 9960 is flourishing. It has gained members steadily since its concecration in

 2018, and tonight was no exception as another military trained Entered Apprentice was made. Eddie Wildman travelled to St Saviourgate, York, with members of the Technical Lodge 5666, and played the organ for the ceremony and the piano at the Festive Board. It was his privilege to give greetings as Master of the premier Lodge in the Province, as well as standing when the WM and Brethren of the Technical Lodge greeted the military Lodge Master. The military camaraderie, the toasts and the firing afterwards after the meal, which followed the excellent ritual in the Lodge Room upstairs, provide a unique flavour to this Lodge, and the author would like to thank the WM, W Bro Graham Kaye BEM for the kind invitation to attend.

 [Photograph of EA Bro J White and WBro Graham Kaye BEM WM by W Bro Nick Mitchell]


 Friday 10th January 2020

Image result for de la pole coat of armsDe la Pole Lodge 1605 passed another Entered Apprentice to the the Second Degree in the Large Lodge Room at the Masonic Hall, Beverley Road, Hull.  Brother Malcolm Forbes, the Charity Steward for the Humber Lodge, was in attendance and stood with the Humber WM when greetings from Lodge 57 were given. (Eddie Wildman, an honorary member of the De la Pole Lodge, played the organ on this occasion and delivered an explanation of the Second Degree Working Tools.) Malcom Forbes will be taking Office at the end of the month as WM of the Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642.


Thursday 9th January 2020

 A centenary celebration is, of course, a once in a century event. To be combined not only with a banner dedication, but with the Investiture of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master made the auspicious occasion unique. The Worshipful Master of the Thesaurus Lodge 3891, W Bro Ian Paul Johnson, proudly wore the both the official chain of the APGM and the prestigious Thesaurus Master's Collar to close the Lodge. The Lodge Room at Dagger Lane was full to capacity (the organist had to share his bench with two other Brethren) including members of the Active Provincial team, visiting dignitaries, Worshipful Brethren and Brethren, many of whom had travelled considerable distances for the event. The Festive Board was equally magnificent, and W Bro Eddie Wildman (who had given greetings as WM of the premier Lodge upstairs) proposed the Centenary Toast.


  [Photograph of the RWPGM and the Thesaurus Brethren by W Bro Chris Thomas, also acting as Provincial Chaplain that evening.]


Wednesday 8th January 2020

Minerva logo (Mobile).jpgMinerva Lodge 250, which like Humber, meets at Dagger Lane in Hull, passed one of its Candidates to the Second Degree on this occasion, and W Bro Eddie Wildman, who plays the organ there retired with the newly-made Entered Apprentice as Mentor, his keyboard skills not being required during the Passing Ceremony. Afterwards at the Festive Board, a non-Masonic visitor (and potential Candidate: he had been proposed as such that evening) joined the Brethren, so only the first two toasts were given. This Minerva initiative has been practised for some time by the Lodge and it has done much to encourage membership.


 Tuesday 7th January 2020

Londesborough 734It was a pleasure to represent the RWPGM at Londesborough Lodge 734 in Bridlington for an Installation ceremony, and of course, as WM of the premier Lodge in the Province to invite the Bridlington Brethren and visitors to come and visit the Humber Lodge on the second Tuesday of the month for a change of scenery and ritual.


 Londesborough Lodge is one of the oldest Lodges in the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings, dating back to 1858. The Humber warrant, however, dates back to 1775, when George III was on the throne.


Friday 3rd January 2020

The Worshipful Master joined the Brethren of the Thesaurus Lodge 3891 in a rehearsal for the Centenary Celebration of this Lodge and at which the Thesaurus WM will be officially elevated to the rank of APGM by the RWPGM. (See 9th Jan.)


Friday 20th December 2019

The Worshipful Master enjoyed a holiday abroad over Christmas.


Thursday 19th December 2019

The Lodge of St Michael held its brief Christmas meeting upstairs and then the Brethren joined their ladies and non-masonic friends at the seasonal festive board. The Daggards entertained in the persons of Terry Lynn (high baritone, raconteur and DC), Peter Stokes (baritone and guitar) John Watkins (bass baritone and flute) and Eddie Wildman (bass and keyboards) using a power point presentation with the words to the carols and Christmas songs so that everyone could join in. The dining room was full of happy people, perhaps none more so than the Worshipful Master, W Bro Shaun Rennison, who delivered the famous Five Gold Rings with such authority and enthusiasm the Daggards in particular were well impressed.

 [Pictured L to R: Shaun Rennison, Eddie Wildman, John Watkins, Peter Stokes, Terry Lynn. Photograph by Jackie Chapman.]


Wednesday 18th December 2019 

Chapter logo (Mobile).jpgThe Minerva Chapter at Dagger Lane was low in numbers but high in quality; there were other Masonic events elsewhere to which some Companions and Brethren were specifically summoned, but the Minerva gathering was friendly. After the opening of the Chapter E Comp. Mark Richardson gave an interesting lecture; after the delicious meal there were Christmas carols and songs, melodiously and enthusiastically rendered round the festive board. In The Twelve Days of Christmas Richard Theaker (one of the Daggards) intoned the Five Gold Rings with great aplomb, and Malcolm Sharman's passionate performance of O Come all ye Faithful was a joy to behold. Everyone left with smiles on their faces and full of Christmas spirit and Eddie again won a raffle prize. Wow! Twice in a month!


 Tuesday 17th December 2019

HOG logo.jpgThe WM called in to Hull infirmary to visit W Bro Bob Clarkson and to pass on to him the best wishes of the Lodge. He is in a weak condition at the moment; with various problems requiring treatment, and the different treatments exacerbating other health issues, but Bob had a ready smile and wished the Lodge well for the Festive season.

Learning ritual is difficult for many of us (though we all improve with practise) but to learn it in a foreign language makes the task much more daunting. Mantas Montevedas, newly installed Worshipful Master and first Lithuanian member of the Hull Old Grammarians' Lodge 5129 triumphed tonight by initiating a Candidate in a well paced ceremony. His team of officers also performed well and the newly initiated Brother declared himself well impressed. Three Humber Brethren attended: Bro Jack Thundercliffe gave greetings on behalf of the premier Lodge, number 57, while Malcolm Forbes, who will soon be taking the Chair of the Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642 gave greetings as a member there; Eddie Wildman gave greetings from Phoenix 9963, the newest Lodge in the Province. The Hull Old Grammarians are intending turning up in force at the next Humber meeting in January.


Monday 16th December 2019

partridge.jpgIt was the first time in a year that Eddie Wildman was able to return to the Holderness Lodge 3563 as the third Monday of the month had been taken up by Humber Lodge of Instruction, and as Master Elect, he had attended the latter as part of the team-building process. Now, however, he was able to return to the Beverley Road Lodge to play the organ. On this occasion the brief Lodge meeting was followed by the visitors and ladies joining the Brethren in the Lodge Room for a rendition of beautiful Christmas music by a ladies choir. The meal followed - another David Eastburn triumph - after which the well-fed company raised their own voices in Christmas carols, and, of course, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" with Eddie at the keyboard. A most convivial evening, and Eddie won a raffle prize, to his great delight.


 Sunday 15th December 2019

The annual Christmas concert was very well attended: for details see the Events & Social Functions page. The Worshipful Master played the organ for the carols and Christmas songs upstairs, and the keyboard downstairs for the singing following the festive board. Enormous thanks to the many people who assisted in making this afternoon and evening such a success: W Bros Smedley, Fisher, Syddall, Cross, Bro Mark Lindsey (and Tina - what a superb spread!), Bros Forbes and Montgomery, and Bro Douglas, whose rotund build and flowing white beard made him the ideal candidate to stand in for a particular Christmas character (there were twenty children under twelve at Dagger Lane, delighted at their presents.) The Smedley family won the prize for sheer volume in their singing of "Five Gold Rings" in "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

 Saturday 14th December 2019

Lord Bolton logo (Mobile).jpgLord Bolton Lodge 3263 followed their brief meeting and certificate presentation (by Eddie Wildman in his capacity as an Officer of Grand Lodge) with a social board with the ladies and invited non-Masonic guests. Following the traditional turkey, Christmas pudding and mince pies, the happy diners sang along with Eddie, with carols and Christmas songs culminating as ever with The Twelve Days of Christmas, where tables vied for the most powerful rendition of five gold rings, four calling birds etc. etc. The Worshipful Master, Chris Lefevre gave a generous donation on behalf of the Lodge to the Daggards, knowing that it would be well applied in helping the homeless this Christmas.


Thursday 12th December 2019

homepagelogoimageOn this occasion Eddie Wildman played the organ for the Court of Beoforlic (in the Order of Athelstan) - he is also the Provincial Organist and Grand Organist, and several members of Humber Lodge are also members of this Court, including the Humber Secretary who for once was not taking minutes! The meeting was attended by the Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Lindsey (the Order names the Provinces according to the divisions of the first King of all England) R W Bro Anthony Burke. Four new members were instructed into the mysteries of the Order, which is expanding rapidly.


 Wednesday 11th December 2019

Minerva logo (Mobile).jpgMinerva Lodge 250 held an initiation ceremony the following evening at Dagger Lane. This too was well attended, including a visit from the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Doctor David Chambers and a team of active Provincial Officers. Eddie Wildman was again at the organ seat, adding a Christmas element to the music from time to time. The festive board was a traditional turkey meal and the evening joyous. As the most recently appointed WM, Eddie Wildman responded to the toast to the visitors, inviting the new candidate, and the candidate from a previous meeting, to come to the next Humber meeting as his guests: an initiation ceremony is to be performed.


 Tuesday 10th December 2019

Extra chairs had to be brought into the Lodge Room for the Installation ceremony; it was wonderful to see the place full. W Bro Stanley James Smith opened the Lodge, and in due time W Bro Eddie Wildman recited his obligation. Under the able instruction of the Director of Ceremonies, W Bro Terry Fisher, Eddie was conducted through the Installation ceremony, and smoothly placed into the figurative Chair of King Solomon to take up the gavel. A particularly moving moment was the singing of "Bless this Lodge" by W Bros David Terry, Richard Smedley and Jimmy Kerr, distinguished by the spontaneous applause of all the Brethren. The new Worshipful Master, proud to be wearing the distinctive Barney Harris apron, thanked everyone for being there, and presented W Bro Stanley Smith with the jewel of the Immediate Past Master on behalf of the Humber Brethren. W Bro Richard Smedley delivered the Masonic Anthem with aplomb.


The Festive Board was a delight, thanks to the organisational skills of the many Brethren who managed to get everything set up in jig time; the dining room had been occupied by a private let until four o' clock, but by five every place setting was clearly marked in accordance with the table plan, the floral arrangements and candelabra were in position, and the WM elect was able to relax for a few minutes before the ceremony in the Lodge Room.


The Representative of the RWPGM, W Bro Ben Rose was in fine form and informed everyone that the Provincial Convocation in May was now open to all Masons: Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts were to  be invited. Though it was his first visit to the Humber Lodge, he was impressed by the friendliness and the ambience, and congratulated the Brethren.


There was singing following some of the toasts, accompanied by W Bro Dave Nicoll at the keyboard, and the performance of the Master's Song by W Bros Byelov, Terry and Smedley was memorable. All the Brethren joined in the chorus and the room was filled with music.


The Worshipful Master thanked everybody, of course, but wishes to record those thanks in this collective statement of sincere gratitude. The Installation and subsequent festivities were happy and uplifting: congratulations to everybody there.

Seventy pounds was collected at the door of the Lodge for the Almoner's fund, while the Charity Steward's raffle realised over £250. Both Officers are actively supplying relief where needed.


Monday 9th December 2019

Andrew Marvell logo 2 (Mobile).jpgAt the short business meeting of the Andrew Marvell Lodge 5642, the Senior Warden, Bro Malcolm John Forbes, was proclaimed as Master Elect; he is to go into the Chair in January 2020 (watch this space). He is also currently Junior Deacon in the Humber Lodge, though this will change tomorrow when he will become the Humber Lodge Charity Steward. Malcolm stood to salute as Eddie Wildman (Andrew Marvell's honorary organist) gave greetings from the premier Lodge in the Province. The Brethren retired soon after to join guests and ladies at the traditional Christmas festive board. Malcolm won a raffle prize. Eddie didn't.


 Saturday 7th December 2019

W Bro Roger Lewis, who held the office of Junior Deacon during a splendid Initiation ceremony at Beverlonian Lodge 9084, formally informed the Brethren that in a few days the Beverlonian guest organist would be taking the Chair of Humber Lodge 57. W Bro Eddie Wildman responded appropriately, remarking that the rumour that all the drinks and the meals were free was entirely without foundation, but he would be delighted to see any Beverlonian Brethren at the event. Beverlonian Lodge is an "Old Boys" Lodge, but, as with the other "School" Lodges (Hull Old Grammarians, Technical, Old Peterite, Old Bridlingtonians, Old Hymerian and Old Pocklontonian) previous attendance at the school is not mandatory.


Thursday 5th December 2019

constitutional (Mobile).jpg

W Bro Wildman was invited to play the organ for the Constitutional 294 Lodge meeting in Beverley. Eddie gave greetings from Humber 57, and said he hoped some of the Brethren might attend his Installation, and was delighted to find that some of the Brethren had booked in already. The brief business meeting was followed by a talk to the ladies and invited guests in the Lodge Room, expertly delivered by W Bro Gavin Peter Collinson along with a stirring rendition of the Ancient Charge by Bro Mike Noble. The Brethren and visitors returned downstairs to a white table gathering. 


 Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Kingston Lodge 1010 generally meets on Wednesdays, but the Installation always takes place on a Tuesday. On this occasion, W Bro Louis Morgan left the Master's Chair to become the Imediate Past Master, and W Bro Michael George Price PPSGD (Worcs) waskingston logo.jpg installed. (To those unfamiliar with the terminology, a Brother becomes "Worshipful" - a term denoting increased respect - only when he becomes the Master of a Lodge. W Bro Price also carries the rank of Past Provincial Senior Grand Deacon, from the Province of Worcester.) W Bro Eddie Wildman, Humber's Master Elect, organist to and honorary member of Kingston Lodge, was pleased to discover that W Bro Morgan would be responding on behalf of the visitors at the Humber Installation the following week.


 Tuesday 26th November 2019


Vigilantes.jpgHumber Brethren W Bros David Terry and Eddie Wildman, members of the Daggards visited the Vigilantes Lodge 7264 to perform The Medieval Engineers to a Lodge Room packed with Lincolnshire Brethren and their wives. The Vigilantes do not meet in December, so started their Christmas festivities early, and the Festive Board was traditional Christmas fare. David treated the diners to Brethren from the East and West and Happy to Meet again, which are regularly sung at the Humber festive board, and everyone joined in the carols. The Vigilantes Lodge meets in Cleethorpes.


 Friday 22nd November 2019

RTL - Copy.jpg


The Ridings Tablers' Lodge 9586 installation was a happy event: W Bro Terry Fisher taking the Master's Chair. Currently the Director of Ceremonies at the Humber Lodge, the WM was pleased to acknowledge greetings from his mother Lodge along with the Ridings' Organist, W Bro Eddie Wildman. The RTL was consecrated in 1995 and meets in Trinity Lane, Beverley. Both Terry and Eddie are founder members.


Monday 18th November 2019

The Lodge of Instruction Open Night was a fun event, well supported by Humber Brethren and Visitors. Eddie Wildman was in the WM's Chair, and the actual Master, Stanley Smith enacted the part of the Candidate in an initiation ceremony well performed by the Lodge of Instruction team. The afterproceedings were merry, and Stanley has promised to get his revenge after the toast to him at the Festive Board. As ever, grateful thanks to the Lecture Master, Phil Watts for training the lads up during the preceding year, and to all the Brethren who generously supported the raffle. The prize for the zaniest tie was won by Bro John Burton of the Lodge of St Michael. 

Eddie Wildman here records his thanks to the Lodge of Instruction Team for the sterling work over the year which led to a first-class ceremony. Other Lodges are doubtless envious of Humber 57's reputation as the premier Lodge. And rightly so.

[Photograph of prize winner John Burton by Peter Stokes.]