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Humber Daggards

(W Bros Richard Smedley, David Terry, Des Ashton and Eddie Wildman are all members of Humber Lodge 57) enjoyed a convivial evening performing at the St John's Lodge 1736 in Blackwell, Halifax, in the Province of Yorkshire West Riding. Festive Board Entertainment was the theme of their presentation which indeed continued after the ceremony, during the meal and into the toasts. The Lodge Room upstairs was filled almost to capacity - the WM, W Bro D Bowen remarked that it was gratifying to see such numbers which normally met only at Installations. The assembled Brethren made a splendid sound joining in the choruses. It was particularly rewarding when a ninety-four year old Mason, in the forty-fourth year of the Craft, said it was one of the best nights he's experienced in Freemasonry. People left with smiles on their faces and a song on their lips. The Daggards were delighted to receive a handsome donation, which will, of course, go towards local charities. Pictured: W Bros Ashton, Terry, Bowen, Smedley and Wildman.

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Founders Night


On Monday 7th May 1827, the Foundation Stone of the Humber Masonic Hall was laid by W. Bro. Robert Mackenzie Beverely, DPGM.  Sadly, the building was destroyed by enemy action on 7th May 1941, 114 years after its consecration. 

The May meeting is now dedicated to celebrating the laying of the Foundation Stone and is usually accompanied by a history of the Lodge.  It is also gives us an opportunity of remembering our forebears and the hard work and dedication they used to raise the Lodge from humble beginnings in Liverpool, to the Lodge it has become.

It has become tradition for a Past Master to be given the honour of researching and presenting the Toast each year.  Unfortunately, not many of the Founders Toasts have been preserved, but those that have can be found below, we hope that you find them interesting.  


1934 W. Bro. W. Kendall Click here
1949 Unknown Click here
1976 Unknown Click here
1977 Unknown Click here
1981 Unknown Click here
1984 Unknown Click here
1987 Unknown Click here
1988 Unknown Click here
1989 W. Bro. E.P. Donnison  Click here 
1990 W. Bro. W. Downing Click here
1992 W. Bro. C. Watson Click here
1993 W. Bro. M.J. Phillips Click here
1994 Unknown  Click here 
1996 W. Bro. W.J. Pannett Click here
1997  W. Bro. G.A. Wiles  Click here 
1998  W. Bro. K.L. Graham  Click here 
1999  Bro. T. Pinchbeck  Click here 
2000  W. Bro. R.K. Wallace  Click here 
2001  Bro. J. Proudley  Click here 
2003  W. Bro. B.A. DeVine  Click here 
2005 W. Bro. W.E. Burnett  Click here 
2007  W. Bro. R.E. Clarkson  Click here 
2008  W. Bro. G. Bates  Click here 
2009 W. Bro. J.R. Swift  Click here 
2010 W. Bro. G.T. Whitfield  Click here 
2011 W. Bro. R.J. Smedley Click here 
2012 W. Bro. T.W. Fisher  Click here 
2014 W. Bro. D. M. Terry  Click here 
2015 W. Bro. D.J.Ashton  Click here 




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